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2016/17 Sermons
06/08/2017 Brenda Wood Matthew 16:13-18 Peter Confesses Jesus as Christ Download
23/07/2017 Dr Mark Fox Matthew 10:1-23 What would Jesus think of Brexit? Download
16/07/2017 Sharron West Various New Beginnings Download
09/07/2017 Rev Alison Mackay Matthew 8:23-27 Christ in the Everyday Storm Download
11/06/2017 Rev Adrian Argile Acts 2:41-47 Spirit & Prayer Download
28/05/2017 John Maile Luke 18:1-8 Pray and don't lose heart Download
14/05/2017 Rev Simon Harry Luke 23:33-43 Church Anniversary - We are part of the Story Download
07/05/2017 Dudley Anderson Various Go with the Flow Download
30/04/2017 Pam Thompson Various The Gates of Jerusalem Download
23/04/2017 Chris Lane Various Taking a second look at Easter Download
12/03/2017 Rev Jason Borlase Eph 3:14-21 Praying Big Prayers Download
05/03/2017 Rev Simon Harry Luke 9:57-62 Followers Download
05/02/2017 ​Rev Jason Borlase Luke 18:9-17 Breaking Down The Barriers Download
22/01/2017 Dr Mark Fox Luke 18:9-14 The Pharisee & The Tax Collector Download
15/01/2017 Rev. Andrew Phillips 1 Cor:1-19 Grace Download
08/01/2017 Gwendydd Askew Hebrews 6:13-20 Promises Download
01/01/2017 Nicci Lane Romans 15:13 Church Text - Trust Download
20/11/2016 Rev. Kevin Price Matthew 14: 22-33 Bridge over Troubled Water Download
13/11/2016 Chris Lane We remember them Remembrance Sunday Download
06/11/2016 Dr Mark Fox Luke 5: 1-11 Jesus & the Miraculous Catch of Fish Download
30/10/2016 Alison Mackay 1 Kings 18:41-46 & Phil 4:1-7 Plug into The Power of Prayer Download
23/10/2016 Paul Wilmott Mark1:40-45 Jesus Heals a Leper Download
16/10/2016 Rev Simon Harry Joshua 1:10-18 Loyal Leaders and Faithful Followers Download
09/10/2016 Pastor Rob Palmer 1 Cor 13:4-8 Love Download
25/09/2016 Nicci Lane   Harvest Service - Thankful Download
18/09/2016 Mike Cornforth   More Than Conquerors Pt 3 - Courage Download
11/09/2016 Dr Mark Fox   Traduttore, Traditore, Truffatore Download
04/09/2016 Alison Mackay Ezekiel 37 The Valley of the Dry Bones Download




































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